Delicate, authentic and captivating are the words we would use to describe Chloe Heawood’s photography. She has a wonderful perception and endearing outlook on life’s natural beauty which is evident in her incredible work.

Her visual creations are beautifully balanced and completely compel you to browse through her portfolio endlessly. And this is exactly how we first felt when we stumbled across her work back in 2021. 

While travelling in Western Australia, we found Chloe’s work online. We instantly chatted and bonded over the beauty of the West, our gorgeous border collies and love for the outdoors. We knew Chloe had to be our photographer. 

As we start 2023, our first campaign has just landed, with Chloe perfectly capturing our brand vision, ‘where land meets ocean’. The campaign features model and environmentalist Steph Mandich in Lancelin, Western Australia. 

We recently sat down with Chloe to chat about her inspiration, life in the west and her future plans and goals in photography. 


Steph Mandich And Chloe Heawood Shoot For WRENEW & CO

Steph Mandich shot by Chloe Heawood for the 2022 Campaign.


We have been in awe of your photography ever since we saw your beautiful work. We would love to know when you first started taking photographs?

Thank you so much! Means more to me than you know. I've always been visually fascinated by things. A particular memory I have of being interested in taking photos is in high school in the UK (where I lived until I was 16). My best friend and I would constantly do ‘photoshoots’ in her room and dress up. Funny to think now she’s a very successful model and I’m pursuing photography. Makes all the sense now!

When did you decide to turn this into your work and what made you decide to take the leap?

2022 was the year that I decided I was going to go all in and share what I love and just trust the process. I'm learning and evolving every time I’m behind the lens. I’m enjoying every minute of it!


Star In Sand

Chloe's photography.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I love this question! I recently looked through some of my mum's film photos from the 80’s/90’s and felt really inspired by those, especially the images of her on holiday in Europe. They have such a beautiful and laid back feel to them. I’m also forever inspired by our beautiful ocean and what’s beneath it, one of the reasons most of my work is captured by the beach. I love a good scroll on Pinterest too, of course.

 Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shells on Shell Beach, by Chloe. 


Living in Western Australia has always been a dream of ours! Where are your favourite destinations in your home state?

There really are countless gems here in WA. We’re lucky to have such an incredible backyard. Hamelin Bay is up there for me, it's so beautiful. Also, Shell Beach - you can probably guess why!

I'd love to plan another van trip up North soon. My partner Zac and I went camping off grid around the Coral Bay area too which was incredible - the clearest water and a beautiful place to switch off. This was where I came across sand dollars for the first time. I’m really interested in Conchology and sea creatures so this was really exciting for me! 


Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars by Chloe.


How do you like to spend your free time?

Definitely spending time with Zac and seeing my family and friends. That’s important to me. I spend a lot of my free time at the beach near my house too. I have a little nook I always go to and it's a great reading spot. Recently, Zac and I have also been making a cosy set up in the evening and watching a movie on our projector. We love it. If i have a lot of free time, i'll be booking a flight to Bali and spending it there, my favourite place!

What does a day in the life of Chloe Heawood look like?

I'm often up early with an iced oat latte editing photos in my little courtyard. I'm lucky to live so close to the beach too so I'll always take a break and stop by for a dip and coast walk. The day often ends with Zac and I making dinner together and catching the sunset. It definitely varies day to day but those few things are rituals that I try to incorporate daily that bring me a lot of joy. 


Steph Mandich For WRENEW & CO

Steph Mandich shot by Chloe Heawood for the 2022 Campaign.


What are your future plans and what is the number one goal you’d love to achieve in your photography career?

Future plans are to keep creating and evolving with this passion! The people I’ve met and friendships I’ve formed along the way have made me so sure that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

The number one goal is to be able to travel with Zac and photograph in lots of beautiful destinations!

We have to ask! What is your favourite Pitty Good deodorant scent? Lemon Myrtle or Lime?

I just LOVE both scents, but if I’m going with the one I'll be ordering again next, it’ll be lime!


To keep up with Chloe's work you can follow her via her Instagram account @chloeheawood.