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Supporting wildlife protection

WRENEW & CO priortise donating to small organisations based in Australia. We aim to make a difference by donating to organisations where we know the action is immediate. These organisations are Defend The Wild and Balu Blue Foundation. Both focusing on protecting Australian wildlife and preserving their natural habitats. A key to safeguarding our future.

Why wildlife?

Every day, Australian wildlife face devastating suffering all over the nation, including habitat loss, indiscriminate lethal control, animal farming and ocean destruction. These beautiful wild animals are disappearing before us, and it often goes unseen and unheard.

Our wild animals are precious and play a vital role in our ecosystem. It is up to us to be a voice for the voiceless, whilst protecting and restoring the natural world.

Donation partner

Defend The Wild

Defend The Wild is an organisation dedicated to protecting Australia's native wildlife and preserving their habitat. They focus on issues including indiscriminate dingo killing, emu farming, seal killing and habitat destruction. Their work is only possible with our support.

Donation partner

Balu Blue Foundation

Balu Blue Foundation's mission is widespread protection and enhancement of Australia's natural environment and animals. This includes conservation of both land-based and marine environments. They are champions for animals and work towards immediate and positive action.

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Thank you for making a difference by choosing to shop with WRENEW & CO. Your donation goes towards helping these organisations protect Australia's wildlife and their homes.