Supporting Reforestation
of Australia's Bushlands

In 2023, WRENEW & CO donated a percentage of profits towards reforestation, partnering with One Tree Planted.

Why reforestation?

After spending time living on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, owner Kaede Ker saw the devastating impacts the 2020 bushfires had on the land. The Mid North Coast region of New South Wales were also affected by fires in the previous year. This is the region WRENEW & CO now resides. Both of these regions are very close to our hearts. 

Mid North Coast Region

The land, the people and the fortunate way of life we live in these wondrous parts of Australia makes it imperative we ensure this beauty is preserved and protected. 

As a way to give back, it only seemed fitting to partner with One Tree Planted. A not-for-profit organisation dedicated to reforestation. One Tree Planted aims to restore specific areas in Australia destroyed by the 2019-2020 bushfires. Not only were they incredibly destructive to the landscape, they also killed more than 1 billion animals, including an estimated 8,000 koalas. The loss of eucalyptus trees and water supply will continue to affect these areas as the recovery continues. 

Help plant trees with us

WRENEW & CO is excited to have you on board with improving the health of Australian bushlands and recovering fire-damaged lands. Together we can help restore the habitat for the native species and other wildlife. Thank you for making a difference.