Dark Hue Dry Shampoo

$30.00 AUD

A natural two-in-one dry shampoo and hair makeup for all types of brunettes. Designed to blend regrowth and fill thinning root areas to give the appearance of fuller hair. The deep colour formulation means you can say goodbye to those hazy white dry shampoo days.

This all-natural solution won’t damage or dry out your hair, with greater oil absorption than generic chemical aerosol dry shampoos.


Looking for our blonde dry shampoo? Our Wrénew® Violet Hue Dry Shampoo is for you! 

Who is this product for?

The dark hue dry shampoo is super versatile in performance. It suits light brunettes right through to super dark or black hair. It is also a great match for dark blonde hair, or blondes with dark roots looking to root smudge.


Contains 100% All Natural Ingredients; 60% of which are Organic.

Dutch Dark Cocoa, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Sodium Bentonite Clay, Activated Coconut Husk Charcoal & Pure Sweet Orange Essential Oil.


Dark Hue's absorption power and ability to volumise makes this dry shampoo an amazing all-round hair product.

Key Ingredient Qualities

Dark Cocoa is our winning ingredient, rich in magnesium, antioxidants, copper, potassium and zinc. These aid in combating hair loss and growing stronger hair, whilst adding moisture, shine and volume.

Australian Organic Bentonite Clay contains sodium, potassium, and calcium – minerals that are essential for hair growth.

Activated Coconut Husk Charcoal is known for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, including treatment for oily scalp, itchiness, redness, or dandruff.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is known to nourish and moisturise hair. This components scent will fade in time, but its benefits and purpose of neutralising the deep earthy cocoa, will remain. Sweet orange oil has no photosensitivity risks when exposed to sunlight, unlike some other citrus oils.


Apply to fresh or dirty hair, adding texture and volume. We recommend using a powder brush as this allows for direct application to roots or thinning areas, exactly where it’s needed. A brush reduces waste and mess. Please read detailed instructions and tips located on the rear of the canister before use.


The recyclable canister is aluminium lining free - which means no metal damaging the goodness of the clay! They are also biodegradable once the label has been removed.

The oversize canister allows for excess powder to be tapped off within the canister to reduce waste and spillage. A short handled powder brush can also be stored inside.

Before and After Results

Wondering how our Dark Hue Dry Shampoo will look on your hair?
Below are some before and after results from real-life customers.

Light brunette

Versatile performance for light brunettes through to super dark or black hair.

Thinning brunette

Designed to fill thinning root areas, giving the appearance of fuller hair.

Darker brunette

Say hello to fuller hair and goodbye to those hazy white dry shampoo days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love it ! I tried the Dark Hue Dry Shampoo and I loveee it because it’s so light weight on the hair being buildable !!

And the dark hue smells so beautiful and natural too with the Cacau.. best part is that it doesn’t go white like other dry shampoos !


Wow, I really love this product! Love that it’s natural, love the smell, but most of all love how it makes my hair feel! It colour matches perfectly to my brunette hair, and you can really see a difference once applied! Can’t recommend enough!


Absolutely loved this dry shampoo. I’ve always steered away from aerosol dry shampoos after they always left that white cast. But this product has been so perfect not to mention the amazing natural ingredients. Will be ordering more for sure xx

Highly recommend

I was a little unsure of the whole “painting” the powder on, but it actually really works and I can be more specific with where I want it compared to a spray which you have to do from 30cm away and it goes everywhere!
The colour was also helpful for me to conceal the grey hairs until my next hair appointment. Would recommend and will purchase again!

Tiarne Pace
Love it

I’ve never tried a natural non aerosol dry shampoo before until this one. I was skeptical but wanted to try it out because it was better for me then an aerosol dry shampoo. It was super easy to use with the brush applicator. I also loved that it didn’t leave white clumpy bits like other dry shampoo’s do!! That was a huge bonus, especially with dark hair the white clumps are always noticeable. Will be repurchasing this for sure :)

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